Back in July, A Squared Technologies became members of the Business West Chamber of Commerce.

Here is some information on the organisation and why we have chosen to join.

So who are Business West and what are the benefits of becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce? They are a not-for-profit company with 200 staff and a turn over of £10 million, who aim to make the West part of England the best place to live and work.

21,000 businesses use their services to help them start and grow as well as using them to lobby government on their behalf. Profits are reinvested back into the business in order to achieve their mission.

A region’s success, hinges on its ability to produce and sell goods and services. Business success today means more jobs for tomorrow, better transportation, education, hospitals, parks and the opportunity to achieve their goal of creating houses that people can afford.

They encourage local councils to communicate with each other to create region-wide joined up solutions. They also challenge central government policy over issues that impact on the southwest – a whole raft of issues – from infrastructure, transport and digital connectivity to energy, housing and skills.

Kate with Certificate

Our Managing Director Kate said the following – “At A Squared Technologies we are always looking at ways for the company to move forward and grow. Becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce gives a platform for us to network with potential customers and industry specialists that we may otherwise never come into contact with. The Business West website gives regular updates on business activities in the South West and the opportunity for us to have our say on the projects we are involved with and that we can assist or be of benefit to other businesses in our area”


We are looking forward to seeing how our relationships grow over the next 12 months and how we can actively take part in networking meetings, face to face or now via web-chat with all the restrictions surrounding Covid-19.

It’s an exciting time at A Squared as we have also been recognised as a Living Wage Employer, but more on that in the next blog article.