Have you heard of Luhimba?

Luhimba is a remote village in rural southern Tanzania, South Africa. In 1984 Luhimba and its approximate 3,500 villagers faced extreme poverty and deprivation. A retired mechanical engineer from Wrington in Somerset, the late Michael Carey, visited the village in that year and considered what the community needed to improve the standard of living and quality of life.

The scheme works along side the villagers and listens to what they need and it is a true partnership. It has led to personal friendships with mutual understandings developing over the years.


And so The Luhimba Project was founded – designed to achieve sustainable improvement in the quality of the villagers lives through education, health, clean water, agriculture, and engineering.

The Luhimba Project came to the attention of Kate, our Managing Director, because of a recent donation to the charity through the Weston Lions Club, where she is a member.

Upon reading more into how the charity supports, aids and uplifts the Luhimba village and its people, Kate contacted Paul Temple who leads a small team of volunteers based in North Somerset, to find out more.


How The Luhimba Project Has Already Helped?

The Luhimba Project, which became a registered charity in 2002, has already achieved so much in supporting the village.

  • Installing 25 hand water wells & a ring well


  • Refurbishing the old village primary school as well as building 2 more – and a secondary school!


  • Sponsoring students to go into further education


  • Building a village dispensary and a 20 bed ward


  • Training the village doctor to cure Trachoma, a sight-threatening disease


  • Building a care home


  • Setting up an animal project to provide pigs, goats, cows and poultry to families


  • Installing a major irrigation scheme for the farming community



During the global pandemic it has been harder for the charity to fundraise. However, The Luhimba Project has still been able to carry on with its good work and that is because of the generous donations from individuals and organisations and the project’s continual support from it’s sponsors.


How Could A Squared’s Donation Help?

Paul explained to Kate what areas her donation could impact;

Education – to provide much-needed resources for the schools. The secondary school which The Luhimba Project built in the village that educates students up to O levels, is in desperate need of science and technology resources. The donation could helping provide sponsorship for students to attend colleges and universities, or by helping students from poor families to buy school uniforms and other school materials.

Health – by helping to provide medical equipment and other resources for the village dispensary which The Luhimba Project built. To pay for life-saving operations for sick children and adults at the regional hospital. The donation could also go towards the purchase of equipment to protect against Covid.

Agriculture – to help buy fertilizer and tools like hoes, rakes etc. Most of the villagers are farmers, cultivating mainly maize but also rice and soya so these items would be so valuable to the community.

Clean water – to help with maintenance of the wells and the purchase of more water purifying units.


The Luhimba Project is an incredible organisation and has enhanced and enriched the villagers lives in so many ways already. Kate was overwhelmed when reading the regular updates that are posted on the project’s website and local news of Wrington. She is pleased to be able to donate to such a worthy cause and can’t wait to hear what her donation has contributed too!