Its that time of the year again, the A Squared Christmas Card 2020!

Despite the difficulties the world has faced during 2020 and how Covid-19 has affected us all, we wanted to make sure we put a smile on the faces of our customers and all those associated with A Squared by producing our now famous Christmas Card for this year.

With social distancing rules to think about this time round it was a challenge to come up with a way we could all be together on the card whilst still remaining at a safe distance?

Our Director Kate had the idea of having individual photos taken of us with our favourite Christmas jumpers on plus additional Christmas accessories! Some enjoyed the experience more than others as can be seen in the finished card below.

Not to be outdone, Kate donned the role of Santa Clause for the reverse of the card.

All the individual photos were then sent to our friends at The Print Hive, who always manage to turn our ideas into reality and with an extremely quick turnaround! They managed to use all our individual pictures and place them on the front of the card, with Santa Kate on the back. We think it came out rather well…

Just one thing was missing from the Christmas Card though, it wouldn’t be complete without Santa’s little helper Woody!

After a bit of a battle trying antlers and hats he seemed much more in the Christmas spirit just keeping guard of the tree and casting a watchful eye on the naughty elf as show below. Nothing gets past our Woody and his picture has been placed on a sticker that comes on every envelope.

Woody Christmas

All our cards have now been sent out so all that remains is for us to say “Happy Christmas and we wish you a peaceful and hopefully Covid-free 2021”

We better get started on designing next years card now!