Scott: Production & Quality Supervisor


I got into work at A Squared early so I have time for a coffee with some of my colleagues before starting. With all those happy faces, you would never have guessed it was a Monday morning!


After finishing my morning coffee I am now sitting down at my work station (this is where the magic happens!). My day will consist of checking the quality of our PCBs (printed circuit boards) before they are sent out to our customers, to ensure they meet required standards. Before the PCBs get to me they have already been checked twice at different stages and also tested.

As a company we pledge to get all of our products right first time and having three separate checks and a test procedure certainly helps us to fulfil our pledge.


As part of my role as Production & Quality Supervisor, I am catching up with all of my colleagues on a one to one basis to check that the PCBs are being assembled with quality in mind. This gives me a chance to offer training where needed and means that all of our boards are created to the same specification.


Lunchtime! I’m trying to be healthy at the moment so am eating wholegrain rice with korma mackerel – it sounds and looks disgusting but it tastes good! And here are some of the other guys enjoying their lunches too!


Our afternoon break. Myself & Tonia enjoying 5 minutes in the sun – we considered asking Kate if we could move our desks outside!


Sweeping the floor before we leave as a clean and tidy workplace makes a clean and tidy mind. And of course, the surface mount machine that we operate is sensitive to dust so we like to keep on top of cleaning wherever possible.