An Easter Eggstravaganza has recently taken place at A Squared Technologies, where Kate the Easter bunny has been delivering Easter Eggs to all our hard working staff!

With several sacks full of yummy chocolate eggs carefully selected by our own Eggspert Easter Bunny, the A Squared building was a sight to behold as gift after gift was found in the most unusual of places! It was a nice reward for all the hard work that has been happening not just over this period but the last 12 months as well.


Display_EggThese delicious treats were not just confined to the interior of the building either, with some eggs turning up in eggciting places such as the flower display outside and even the company delivery car.

Some members of the team got rather a taste for all the yummy goodness and went to rather eggstreme lengths to find as many as they could. They were told however that sadly they couldn’t eat all that chocolate on their own and had to share.

Car_egg Plant_pot_eggs







Easter Bunny Kate also handed out some of the gifts in person to those that were quick enough to spot her. Below we have Ivan and Will who were eggstremely fortunate to catch her in the act!

The Easter Bunny, who always has health and safety in mind, offered to hold the ladder for Will when he’d spotted his Easter Egg in the stock room!

Ivan Easter Eggstravaganza Will Easter Eggstravaganza

Throughout the day, the A Squared Staff kept coming across new ingenious places where the Easter Eggstravaganza had taken place the night before. Buster was delighted to find his favourite Chocolate egg lurking in our Wave machine.

Lyn was not able to bite off more than she can chew this time due to the Personal Protection Equipment she was wearing, and certainly found getting into her egg a little bit tricky!

Paul, was eggstatic to find his egg somehow squeezed into the canteen microwave, we just hope he doesn’t like them hard boiled!

Easter Egg Paul







We hope all our wonderful staff and customers had a very happy Easter and we are looking forward to things hopefully getting back to normal as we approach half way through 2021