Our Digital Microscope

With high accuracy our Automatic Optical Inspection equipment is capable of detecting any defects before they are passed through to the next stage of production.

To assist the A Squared technicians in their skilled tasks on the shop floor, we decided to upgrade our current microscope to the C12 HD Digital Microscope. This is a great addition to our growing inventory of specialised equipment.

With the auto focus of 12:1 optical zoom and integrated illumination, this provides us with a clear crisp image on the LCD monitor. This gives us an inspection image up to 80x which assists technicians with electronics inspection, micro assembly and fault finding of surface mount components. The autofocus feature ensures that we do not have to adjust our equipment allowing for a quick precise image to work with every time. This is ensured by the 60 FPS (Frames Per Second) lag free video, providing an image that autofocuses without motion blur.

The C12 Microscope is vital to our surface mount process, allowing our surface mount technicians to quickly inspect boards before and after reflow. It’s assistance in fault finding has been crucial to identifying faults and then providing us with an image to carry out the required rework.

We have used this to our advantage when inspecting components with sizes of 0402 and micro controllers with 176 pins with QFP packages. This is amongst other small and fine pitch components that the C12 assists us with on a daily basis. The level of detail of the image produced assists with improving the overall efficiency and quality of our products, creating a faster turnaround of production runs and projects for our customers.