Our Reflow Ovens

Once the boards have been populated by our Surface Mount Machine they are ready to be put through the reflow oven. Our latest reflow oven with a full hot-air convection systems offers a complete soldering process, whatever the project.

A Squared Technologies thought the time had come to invest in a new reflow soldering oven. This would be an additional oven to aid our production process enabling us to continue our supply of quality product to our customers.

The NeoDen is a 6-zone oven with heating elements and hi-tec sensors, the reflow oven ensures consistent and even heating throughout the entire length of the process chamber.  It has the potential to be pre-programmed with 16 different recipes ensuring high accuracy giving us more control on our product’s soldering quality. 

The oven has a potential for up to 300ºC/572ºF temperature output without any chance of overshooting, allowing us the continued capability for using lead-free solder. With a maximum assembly clearance of 30mm/1.2 inches it gives us plenty of scope for our current and new products.  The offload zone cooling fans enable us to handle the boards safely immediately after the flown process has been completed.

A Squared Technologies reflow oven

Our second reflow oven

A reflow oven is a machine used primarily for reflow soldering of surface mount electronic components to printed circuit boards (PCB).

Our convectional reflow oven has 3 stages; 2 pre-heat stages and 1 reflow. The conveyor belt carries the boards through these different stages.

Once the boards have been populated by our Surface Mount Machine they are ready to go through the component soldering process. The reflow oven has different temperature profiles which are set depending on the layer stacking of the PCB. The oven is capable to save up to 7 pre-set profiles (recipe). The belt speed can also be adjusted to have a finer control on the melting points of the PCBs solder paste.