Our Surface Mount Machines

What is the biggest process in terms of workload demand at A Squared? What requires a lot of attention to achieve exact results? The surface mount process.

We own three Surface Mount Machines, allowing us to meet the high demands of customer production and output.

For a lot of our products, the surface mount process is the starting point for production. It’s the biggest process in terms of demand of work load and requires a lot of attention to achieve exact results.

Through the advancements of technology and electronic circuit boards produced in businesses like our own, we have seen a massive boom to the capacity we can produce from using surface mount capabilities. Before we invested in this machinery, we would rely on through-hole soldering to produce boards. This required a lot of labour to manufacture. With surface mount, it is a lot more efficient with time and cost and aids towards the production in the electronic assembly process.

With continued increased production requirements from our customers, A Squared decided to invest in a third surface mount machine. The added advantage of having three machines supplied from the same manufacturer is that they are completely compatible in every way possible. We are able to use the same portable feeders and placement files and projects can be moved from one machine to another with ease and speed.

Having multiple Production Technicians trained in using these machines, A Squared can run different jobs at the same time expanding our production capabilities to our customers even further.