Our Wave Solder

Enables the soldering process of through-hole assembly with gains in efficiency over by-hand soldering.

The CMS 400 Wave Solder Machine has been in service with the company for many years.  When through-hole assembly is used in production this machine allows us to reduce the time for PCB manufacture. Introducing the wave solder machine in this assembly process has an unquestionable advantage over conventional hand-soldering of through-hole components.

Our UK built machine is well known in the country for its reliability, flexibility and longevity and is designed to give the best possible performance over a wide range of operating parameters.  This is assisted with our adjustable solder flow trays allowing us to accommodate a variety of board sizes and design.  The belt speed, pre-heat and solder bath can also be adjusted to accommodate the different layer stacking on the PCBs.

All these qualities and more make the CMS 400 an important part of A Squared’s manufacturing process, enabling us to service our customers varied portfolio and requirements.