How A Squared Technologies are applying the Government guidance of Hands / Face / Space

So far the challenges of 2020 have continued into 2021 and shows no signs of letting up so we have made every effort to make sure our work place is a safe environment for our staff and customers.

Our Director Kate has always tried to maintain the highest standards of tidiness on the shop floor so this latest challenge has been one we as a business have hit head on, with the example coming straight from the top, we are regularly reminded of the Hands / Face / Space motto

First off we have been provided with our own face-mask for the work place which is in our customary A Squared green (yes that’s a thing!) and modeled below by Kate.

Kate_in_officeThis is a mandatory item in everyone’s lives these days and staff at A Squared are required to wear their mask when they are moving about the building and when we have to converse and work together. Our staff can remove their masks while working at their stations and we have spread everyone out across the complex to guarantee that they have enough space to work in safety.

The two meter rule is something that in a working environment can be extremely challenging to maintain but with the aforementioned spacing and a measuring device, we have been able to keep everyone at a safe distance while they diligently complete their work as demonstrated below.

Will_and_Paul-workingOf course we do not make them hold the two meter ruler up permanently but random checks throughout the day help to make sure no-one accidentally encroaches on another staff members space.

Then we have the compulsory hand sanitising! It is possibly the most important aspect in combating Covid-19 and we have set up as many opportunities as possible for anyone coming into our business to follow this. Kate has provided us all with our own personal bottle of hand sanitiser, which we keep at our desk and are encouraged to use this throughout the day.

We have set times over the working period where staff are reminded to apply the hand sanitiser so that we know everyone is joining in at least a couple of times during the day if not more. Below we have Scott and Martin both leaping into action when the compulsory hand sanitise announcement is given.

Martin_hand_sanitise Scott_hand_sanitiseHand sanitiser has been placed throughout the building which staff and visitors to the premises must use when they enter or move about from designated areas, such as the kitchen and toilet facilities.

All the exterior surfaces that individuals can come into contact with on a regular basis are wiped down and kept clean at intervals during the day. A number of times a day we make sure that the main door into the building is cleaned along with door frames and work top surfaces, nothing is taken for granted.

Tonia_outside_cleanTonia_inside_cleanThe cleaning of interior doors are just as important as they are being used more regularly, along with various tools and equipment that could potentially cause cross contamination, so we make sure these are included in the cleaning process on a regular basis every day.

Ann_door Ann_brush_clean

Staggered breaks have been introduced so that our canteen doesn’t get over run with everyone taking their lunch at the same time! Spacing of the excellent dining facilities and the regular cleaning of eating surfaces and appliances is also vital to make sure everyone’s welfare remains in tact. As shown below it is also more peaceful for staff members to enjoy time away from their workstations (and masks) and to feel refreshed, plus there is always a nice cake on hand to keep up the morale.


No one can guarantee that we can stop Covid-19 finding a way into the work place but we are determined to reduce the risk by keeping to the highest standards.

We follow the Government and scientific advice as closely as we can whilst also trying to go the extra distance in keeping anyone associated with A Squared safe whilst they are on site.

For more information on the available guidance please click here

Remember: HANDS / FACE / SPACE