One of A Squared’s most established business partners is a company that they have been working very closely with for almost 20 years. Due to the competitive nature of the sector they manufacture in, this company doesn’t want to give too much away, but it manufactures a technology largely utilised in care homes and hospitals that it exclusively supplies to wholesalers. A Squared Technologies developed a reduced mobility product circuit board.

A Squared has been working with the client from the product’s first inception in 1999 and has assisted on three major product revisions and countless minor updates since then. A Squared acts as a consultant, designing new PCBs to meet the specifications for the major updates but also advising on new technology that improves the performance and reliability of the product on an ongoing basis. The latest product being a reduced mobility product circuit board.

The two companies work together on a retained basis, with A Squared holding sufficient stock to meet a specified manufacturing output, but also so that they are able to fulfil unplanned spikes in demand. A Squared also provides a maintenance service, rapidly diagnosing and rectifying faults on any product that has suffered a PCB component failure.

“A Squared is an awful lot more than a box shifter to us,” says the Managing Director of the client company. “They are an intrinsic part of our team providing a vital end-to-end service that encapsulates product development, design and engineering, manufacturing and after-sales service.

“We had a sudden unplanned sales success recently that demanded that we fulfil a large order very quickly and A Squared were able to meet a very tight deadline without any fuss at all, which was particularly impressive.

“We trust them implicitly, not just to meet our demand for high-quality manufacturing but also to let us know when something comes onto the market that improves our performance and reliability. They helped us design the original product, they have played a key role in the evolution of it through three major updates that have taken place since and we are currently working together to design the next generation.”