Our Design Services

Whether you require a concept, design development or design modernisation, A Squared Technologies provides your business with innovative product design services.


Using our experience of manufacturing a variety of products over many years, we are able to support you in bringing your ideas to life. We ensure they will be cost effective and easy to manufacture and most importantly reliable. We aim to integrate the latest components to give you cutting edge designs and great product life.


Working with you and your team we can take your concepts and ideas and turn them into working prototypes for testing then onto production, ready for sale. Our design and prototyping service could have you a working design in a matter of days (depending on design complexity).


Your designed products are working perfectly, but as they age the required parts become harder to source and acquire. The result is a rise in manufacturing cost, which then removes the viability of the design for that product.

Our comprehensive redesign service can bring a fresh lease of life back into your designs. Using the latest technology, we can shrink the design, reduce component count and improve the time to manufacture. Also, as part of the re-design, we can develop extra features that you’ve been desiring for years, allowing you to offer an enhanced product or variation of the existing product design.