Our Production Services

Do you require support with the full lifecycle of Production, or just certain elements of the Production process? A Squared is able to provide total flexibility for you and your manufacturing requirements.


PCB Manufacturing

At A Squared Technologies, we pride ourselves on the quality of work that we produce and follow the renowned IPC-A-610 standards as well as having IPC certified specialists in the IPC-A-610 and IPC-7711/21 – ‘Rework, Modification and Repair
of Electronic Assemblies’. We class the relationship we build with our customers as a partnership, working alongside them in unison to meet their requirements and needs. Making each customer our priority with an internal contact for updated progress of orders at all times. Communication is key to a successful working relationship.

A Squared are diverse in the range of boards we can manufacture. We have up to date facilities to accommodate SM (Surface Mount) and conventional TH (Through Hole) assembly, covering the vast array of mixed assembly that our customers require.

Production runs can involve small, medium or larger size batch runs utilising our experienced team’s efficiency at all times. We are able to provide our customers with a flexible, high mix throughput of PCB manufacturing at a cost-effective price.  You can provide your own components or alternatively, A Squared can source components at competitive prices, giving you peace of mind that your products are in good hands. With our three in-house surface mount machines we have the added advantage to fast track any urgent orders that may be required.

Prior to despatch, all boards are tested by the approved testing method our customers require. Throughout production runs, we follow our quality management system.

In addition with the recent investment within A Squared and current ongoing training, we have purchased a VP510 vapor phase soldering oven which allows for unison soldering across all PCB assemblies, no matter the substrate or the complexity of the components or their sizes. With the constant evolution of assemblies and the intricacy on the designs and components, having the reliability and confidence in a complete and high-quality solder flow allows us to pass that assurance on to ours customers and is shown in our high standard of production.

A Squared have the facilities to spray boards with conformal coating using our customized spray booth.  We are fully aware that part of the finishing touch to our customer’s boards is it being protected against the environmental conditions and adverse weather that they could be exposed to.

Box Build and Turnkey Assembly

A Squared is a highly capable Electronics PCB manufacturer, but this is not all we provide.

Offering our customers a single order solution and the availability of using our full or partial turnkey concept. Enabling their product to be complete, installed and ready to use upon delivery.

We are experienced in electromechanical builds interacting electrical circuits with mechanical systems.

A Squared have a flexible approach and tailor-made service to each project – we will fit your needs and requirements.

Loom Assembly and Wire Cutting

A Squared can provide a variety of loom assemblies to suit your needs.  Loom assembly can be an individual job or an additional process for boards that we already manufacture.

We are able to work with customers on new projects offering them our experience and expertise to make sure their design and the quality is the best that can be offered.  We can discuss any requirements and work with a variety of wires and cables such as multi-core, power cable, communication cable and audio cable to name but a few.

A Squared can cut, strip and crimp specified wires or cables ready to be sent to the customer as they are or assembled further.  Glands, grommets or connectors can be attached where required.  We produce a variety of wire harnesses ready for customers to connect directly to their boards or these can be supplied already soldered onto the PCB.   Many of our customers have looms already designed but come to us for the production.