Our Software Services

It’s not just the hardware that A Squared have perfected. Reliable and efficient software is another service we provide, supporting your product and its development.

Mobile Application (Apps and Tablets)

Control, re-program and evaluate the data produced by your designs, either locally or over the cloud, using smartphones and tablets. We can offer complete app development customised just for you with moving graphics and logos etc, on both Android and iOS.

Desktop Application (PC)

As with the app programming, we are able to offer full dedicated PC programs using the latest .Net from Microsoft, for total control and easy of reviewing large amounts of data on big screens and TVs.

Firmware (Embedded)

Along with the hardware design, we can offer embedded software development to bring your projects to life. Designs can be simple I/O control, wireless communications on dedicate local radio either 433 or 868Mhz. Designs can include the use of Ethernet, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth communications. These designs can interface to the user using numerous methods like NFC and Proximity cards, movement detection, keyboards/switches and output to displays from simple LEDs to full-colour touch graphical panels.