It’s ‘HUNTING’ Season!

The A Squared team were visited by the Easter bunny! This year though, the bunny had a couple of tricks in her basket to make the Easter egg hunt a little bit more EGG-xiting!

The team were gathered unexpectedly in the afternoon, with the news of an importuned meeting … little did they know that the bunny had been busy writing clues and hiding egg tokens ready for the team to embark on an Easter egg scavenger hunt!


Each member was given a riddle or a clue to work out and then the answer would lead them to a little colourful Easter egg token which they could cash in and claim their chocolate egg prize!

Unfolding the clues, the team ‘HOPPED’ to it guessing the answer and hunting down where that object might be in the workplace. The Easter bunny EGG-ed on the team from the side lines, occasionally giving a subtle nod in the right direction to where an egg might be hidden.

Do you reckon you could ‘CRACK’ a couple of clues?

1. It’s full of paper and full of ink – its not a book … what do you think?

2. I have keys that open no locks, space but not room and you can enter but cannot go in.

3. Snip, snap I’m all you need for a quick trim or for something to be freed. I cut paper and I cut stock, the only thing that beats me is rock!

4. I am a King or a Queen … but also a common device used to measure.

5. What can fill a room but take up no space?


The team ‘SCRAMBLED’ to find their hidden egg tokens and then headed to the great Easter egg pile to pick their prize. It was no ‘YOLK’ that everyone enjoyed the hunt and putting their minds to the test with answering the riddles. The Easter bunny will be creating some harder clues for next year to really make them think! 

A Squared Technologies would like to wish all the team, friends, family and loved ones a very Happy Easter!


Answers: printer. keyboard. scissors. ruler. light.