The Luhimba Project Update

Paul Temple, Chair of the Luhimba Project, actively sends out updates to the charities supporters and this month we received a news letter with what the project has been up too …

The Luhimba Project Charity

The Luhimba Project is a small Weston-super-Mare based charity which has been supporting the remote and poverty-stricken village of Luhimba in Tanzania since 1984.

At the request of the villagers the project helps provide better facilities for the provision of clean water, health, education and agriculture.

The charity is run by a small group of volunteers and relies entirely on voluntary donations from individuals, groups and local organisations to fund the projects. 100% of funds raised go to support the various activities with nothing deducted for administration or expenses.


A Squared’s Donation

During the past two years The Luhimba Project have received  very generous donations amounting to £1500 from A Squared Technologies to support village projects. This has enabled the villagers to make some life-changing improvements to the quality of life of this  poor community in Tanzania.

The village council in Luhimba decided very wisely to use the money to provide a new water well to serve an area of the village where new houses have recently been built, and to sponsor students from poor families to attend university and college.

Two girl students have already started their courses – Jamila has started a 3 year course on financial management in Dar es Salaam and Elizabeth has started a course to be a legal secretary at Mbeya College. The people of Luhimba are very appreciative of this wonderful support.

The Projects Achievements 

Over the years the project’s achievements have included :

  • Building 3 primary schools and one secondary school giving 2000 children the opportunity to receive full-time education.
  • Sponsoring several young people from poor families to attend universities and colleges.
  • Building a village dispensary and employing a full-time doctor, nurses and a midwife.
  • Setting up agricultural projects.
  • Building a village office, a village hall and a farmers’ market.

For more information on The Luhimba Project please visit our website: