The Month of February

The month of February brings promise as the daffodils begin to bud adding pops of yellow to the dreary mornings. Spring is just around the corner, despite it feeling like the midst of winter with the wet weather and grey skies. Sunshine does break through on the occasional afternoon though, reminding us of the warmth soon to come.

We’ve gotten over the excitement of Christmas and New Year, managed to crawl to the end of January, still snacking on the left over goodies from the festivities and then February comes – one step closer to Spring.

February brings it’s most common holiday, Valentines Day, but also Pancake Day (usually!). Who doesn’t love the idea of celebrating LOVE and PANCAKES all in the same month!?

Pancake Day

Pancake Day – or pancakes in general for that matter, were a favourite of Alan Bach’s. Topped with fruit and ice cream and syrups and sauces, the house would be full of family and friends taking part in the feast. The tradition lives on, and the trusty crepe maker has been passed down, and Kate and Victoria continue to indulge in fun-filled pancakes surrounded by their nearest and dearest on the special occasions.

Valentines Day

Valentines Day is not only about celebrating love, but also Woody. Woody is a Rotteweiler X Husky and turned 11 this year on the 14th of February. He has made many people fall in love with him over the years;  customers, visitors, delivery drivers … he might be an old dog but he still has and uses the puppy dog eyes to win them over.
Woody was given a lot of pets as the team came in to start their day. Happy Birthday was sung, ‘Polly the Present’ toy was opened and played with and then ‘Pupcakes’ were handed out to all the fur-parents for them to take home as a treat for the’ doggos’.
It’s safe to say they went down a treat!

So far, the month of February has brought a lot of to celebrate and enjoy. Along with the main events we have had a partners and family skittles night at a local village pub where the winners of the games of Killer took home a bottle of wine, cider and chocolates. The offspring got to mingle and play board games as well as helping sticking up the pins.

And we have celebrated a 21st birthday! It only comes around once and they say it signifies the start of adulthood and independence – we’re not to sure what 21 will bring for Ryan though …

February has been a pleasant month, with lots of feel good and fun times. We hope your February has been fitting and that you have had chance to celebrate the small and big things that the month has brought.


Warm wishes,