A Squared’s team are now IPC7711/21 certified.

The IPC is a global association that guides PCB manufacturers like ourselves to build electronics better. The IPC standards help companies innovate, contend, and achieve in the industry by creating better quality products. There is a hub of knowledge that the association offers its members as well as providing training and certification and in-depth industry intelligence.

WHY IPC 7711/21?
The IPC 7711/21 is the certification program for ‘rework, modification and repair of electronic assemblies’. The program is built around the IPC standards and established and approved by the industry.

The IPC 7711/21 divulges the industry-approved techniques on through-hole and surface-mount rework allowing the Company to be cost-effective in repairing printed circuit board assemblies.

The program covers technical requirements, tools, materials and methods for removing conformal coatings, surface mount and through-hole components to the highest standard. The standard also trains individuals in repairing and modifying boards and assemblies and now has been updated to include support for working with lead-free, BGA components (ball grid arrays) and flex-print repairs.

By becoming trained and certified with the IPC7711/21, our team can repair, rework and modify more efficiently and economically using the industry recognised standards – benefitting not just the Company, but our customers as well.

By developing their skills and challenging their knowledge, the team got a deeper understanding of methods set by the industry and can take and use them in other areas of production.


IPC certification programs endorse professional development and identify that the individual has been trained and tested to demonstrate that their skill is up to standard to what is specified in the given industry set criteria.

Not only will this benefit our everyday production, but the IPC certifications are globally recognised as the international standard for credentialing in the electronics manufacturing industry, so A Squared Technologies will be able to promote this standard of quality available in our work.


Thank you to Paul, from STEM Training for his on-site training and supporting the team during their certification. Paul was very knowledgeable and approachable and covered all questions or queries asked.