What is ISO 9001 ?

ISO 9001 is a quality management system (QMS) standard set by the International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) which is recognised globally. In fact, there are over one million companies and organizations in over 170 countries that are ISO 9001 certified! The framework can be followed by any organisation, whether large or small, and regardless of the field of business. By following the QMS criteria, it demonstrate’s how the organisation is consistently providing quality products and improving customer satisfaction.



Soured: www.iso-9001-checklist.co.uk/iso-9001-requirements.html



Why did A Squared Technologies choose to become ISO 9001:15 certified ?

A Squared Technologies have held the ISO 9001:15 certification since 2017. The company have just had their yearly audit at the start of October where a Lead Auditor from URS (United Registrar Of Systems) completed the “surveillance visit” and reviewed the company’s practice. By following the QMS guiding principles, A Squared Technologies have been able to work more efficiently and effectively by streamlining processes and procedures throughout the business. These efforts in turn work towards bringing down costs, improving productivity and  increasing customer confidence. There are many benefits with following the frame work of the ISO 9001:15 and A Squared Technologies is continually working on maintaining and sustaining the standards set.

Finally, by keeping the QMS standards of the ISO 9001:15 accreditation, it shows to prospective customers the company’s intentions to continue it’s endeavor to improve productivity, consistency and quality in both their products and services. The ISO 9001:15 is widely recognised and respected in any field.



United Registrar Of Systems (URS) Certified Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001








How long does it take to get ISO 9001 certification ?

The ISO 9001 certificate lasts three years. To main the certification, the A Squared Technologies undergoes an assessment once a year, and a re-certification every 3 years to ensure the QMS is still operating to the standards required by ISO 9001.




Certification of Registration for ISO 9001:15 accredited to A Squared Technologies Limited










Why is the ISO 9001:15 certification highly sought after ?

Although the task can be seen as challenging, once the quality management systems are in place the processes and procedures are practical and relevant. The ISO 9001:15 certification implies that the company has the necessary documentary requirements to comply with the international standard set by ISO and is a sure sign of quality.


Managing Director of A Squared Technologies, Kate Bach comments ‘I am very proud of my team in keeping up the high standards.  All our hard work has paid off and has enabled our yearly audit to be passed with flying colours.  For those of you who know me I have high expectations and wouldn’t expect anything less.  Well done Team!!’