A Squared achieve ISO9001:2015  re-accreditation
On the 13th October we officially were re-certified as following the ISO9001:2015 standards for another 3 years. This certification is something we have held since 2017 and is reviewed every year by URS who send in an auditor for a “surveillance visit” to make sure we are on the right path. This year was particularly challenging with the current Covid-19 restrictions so all auditing had to done remotely via e-mail and phone.
In his report, the auditor commended A Squared saying “Once again A-Squared has proven to be a good example of a business that embraces the standard and has it fully incorporated in to all that you do.”
The URS UK Office Director himself commented in recent feedback that “it is very apparent that A Squared Technologies Limited are a very conscientious company and are always looking to improve. This is to be applauded. “
We are obviously delighted with the result and look to continue keeping the high standards expected, along with always trying to find ways in which we can improve the company for the benefit of our customers.
A lot of work goes into maintaining the high standards expected by URS in order to have ISO recognition, with the auditing process very rigorous, but as a company we are proud to exceed the requirements and always look to develop and grow.
Our Managing Director Kate Bach stated “Being ISO 9001 certified is well worth the effort and time put into it. Not only does it help our business be more efficient and quality-driven, but our employees and customers also see a significant, positive difference!”
Work has already started in taking action on the suggestions raised in the audit and we are putting measures in place to guarantee we excel when it comes to the next review in 2022.