A Squared’s team are now IPC-A-610 certified.


What is IPC-A-610?
IPC-A-610 is the most widely used inspection standard in the electronics industry. It has an international reputation as the source for end-product acceptance criteria for consumer and high-quality products. The IPC Standard is comprised of different classes that are distinguished by certain principals and qualities.

Class 1 – is the lowest class and used on inexpensive products. They function as expected but tend to have a shorter lifespan. They are priced fairy to justify the quality.

Class 2 – is the most typically requested for non- critical electronic assemblies. This allows for some degree of cosmetic imperfections, but a good quality is expected so the product functions appropriately and doesn’t ensue a costly manufacturing fee.

Class 3 – is the highest standard in electronic assembly and is typically required for products in industries such as medical, military and aerospace where if they were to fail there would be serious consequences.  Class 3 products are required to be reliable and durable so they can provide uninterrupted services so go through the highest degree of quality inspection and testing which ultimately increases the end cost.

Why we have become IPC certified
This qualification has enhanced our team’s knowledge and given them a more in-depth understanding of the industry standards for the 3 classes. Our team are equipped with the latest information and the best practices in the industry meaning they have the ability to navigate challenges and address issues that come with electronic assemblies. Continuing to implement these standards means we are able to provide our customers with the confidence that we are committed to excellence, dependability and consistency in the manufacturing of their products.

The team undertook thorough training and completed tests to ensure that they had full understanding of the IPC standards. Knowing and applying the requirements laid out in the IPC-A-610 course means that each product is evaluated and serviced under the same inspection expectations at every stage of the assembly line. This process improves production time and more importantly reduces cost by decreasing the risk of rebuilds and reworks.

A Squared has always followed the IPC standards, now having a team of IPC certified technicians will only look more attractive to customers, and benefit in the reduction of costs through improved quality, wider technical knowledge to solve problems and increased customer satisfaction.

Continuing to produce high quality products following the IPC standards maintains our good reputation and credibility.

Well done team, who are now not just IPC-A-610 certified but also IPC7711/21!
Many thanks to Paul Pidgeon from STEM Training.